The Zero Pod Beachcomber's Collection 1.ZERO

Calling all Beachcombers!
Spot tiny pieces of plastic when out river or beachcombing but have nowhere to put it?

We bundled up some of our Zero favourite rites into a handy pod packaging that is to be re-used as your light and compact beach trash collection vessel. Simply pop your Zero Pod in your beach bag and you'll be set for your next on-the-go mini beach clean-up!
So go on save the pod and fill'er up to the top with small plastics and recycle all contents. Go on make the river and ocean pods happy

ZERO Pod 1 bundle:

X1 Beach Comber Pod
x1 Eco Clip Set
x1 Eco Detangler Comb
x1 Scrumptious Eco Scrunchie

Big Saving!!

Dimensions : 7cm x 7cm x 18cm

Ocean & Wildlife Friendly

  • $34.00